Fall is the Ideal Time to Begin Planning Your Move


When thinking of Fall, it often conjures up memories of scenic autumn foliage, cooler crisp temperatures, school back in session and, the seasonal fruit many mistake as a vegetable, the ever-popular pumpkin. For those thinking about selling their home on Chicago’s North Shore, it also is the ideal time to begin planning your move for the upcoming Spring market. More buyers are shopping for homes during this season than any other time of year; many hoping to move in and be settled in time for the coming school year.

Therefore, fall is the perfect time to begin preparations to get your home in show-ready condition. In our experience, the more time you are willing to invest in preparing your home on the front end, will pay off when it comes time to sell. Below is a check list of quick tips to work on before the Spring to help you get ahead of the game.

1.    Take advantage of the temperate climate to address any exterior maintenance projects including painting, staining and tuckpointing.

2.    Have a professional photographer come out to take photos of your exterior landscaping for purposes of showcasing in your marketing collateral come the Spring.

3.    Consider hiring a home inspection to do a pre-inspection of your home, so that any major maintenance issues, especially pertaining to the exterior can be addressed prior to putting your home on the market.  

4.    Have your exterior windows washed and give your carpet a deep cleaning. This is also the time to have your wood floors refinished, if they are showing signs of wear and tear.

5.    Have an HVAC tune-up on your mechanicals to certify that all are in working order.

6.    Have the gutters cleaned and the roof inspected. While you’re at it, check the interior attic to ensure there are no signs of mold, since this is often remediable. However, if left to be identified during the buyers inspection, it may prove to be a more costly undertaking in the form of a credit or worse yet, reason for the buyer to terminate the contract.

7.    Get a head start on the purging, donating and decluttering before the holiday’s roll around.

8.    Consider renting a storage locker to move excess furniture and other items that you may not need for a while that may be taking up needed space……rule of thumb is that anything you won’t need for 6 months can be packed away. 

9.    Plant spring bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils before the ground freezes, especially in the front of your home. The pop of color will enhance the overall curb appeal of your home, during a period when much of your landscaping is dormant.

10.  And last but certainly not least, partner with an agent- team, to begin getting the word out and building on the momentum about your home’s eminent


Contact us for a complimentary consultation to start preparing for the next year. We have every resource available to get you on the path from listed to sold.